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Date picker

Date and time pickers allow users to select a single or a range of dates and times.


Range date pickerTo select a range of dates, accompanied by a calendar widget.
Single date pickerWhen a user needs to select one date, accompanied by a calendar widget.
Simple date pickerWhen the date is known by the user and they don’t need a calendar to anticipate the dates.
range, single, and simple date pickers

Types of date pickers



Both date and time pickers are accompanied by labels, and follow the same accessibility guidelines for all forms.


For date pickers, use placeholder text so users input the date in the correct format. It can be formatted in a variety of ways. See the date picker code documentation for more info.


Calendar widget

It is recommended to use the date picker with a calendar widget when the user is browsing between a range of dates. Aid the user in making the proper choices by providing a visual reference of dates to choose from. The calendar widget appears once the user has interacted with the date input field (typically on :focus).

example of date picker

Selecting dates from the range date picker

Simple date picker

The simple date picker provides the user with a text input in which they can input month/day/year. Simple date pickers are typically used when the date is known by the user, such as a birthday or credit card expiration.

Time picker

Time pickers provide the user with a text input in which they can input hours/minutes. Additionally, they can be accompanied by an “AM/PM” selection and a time zone selection, which is styled as an inline select.