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ClassPropertyColor token

Interactive states

ClassPropertyColor token
:hovertext color$hover-primary-text
:activetext color$text-01
:visitedtext color$visited-link
:disabledtext color$disabled-02
Example of enabled, hover, and disabled link states

Normal, hover, disabled link states


Links should not exceed three words.

PropertyFont-size (px/rem)Font-weightText style
.bx--link14 / 0.875Regular / 400$body-short-01


Links can be grouped horizontally or vertically and must be underlined. The following specs are not built into the Link component but are recommended by design as the proper distance between grouped Links.

ClassPropertypx / remSpacing token
.bx--linkpadding-right16 / 1$spacing-05
Link structure and spacing measurements

Structure and spacing measurements for Link | px / rem