What's new

July 2019

Changelog: v10.4.0

Our v10.4.0 release offers a wide range of enhancements and improvements in the following areas:

  • Theming enhancements
  • Icon updates
  • UI shell enhancements
  • Support and component enhancements
  • Component specification
  • New contribution guidelines

We also introduced general updates to our website and have an ongoing support project for managing issue triage and fixing bugs.

Theming enhancements

Enhancements 🛠

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Button disabled state background color in dark themes
  • Ghost button text/icon colors in dark themes
  • Danger button border color in dark themes
  • Disabled checkbox to show check in dark themes
  • Content switcher to use $disabled-0* color tokens for dark themes
  • Inline dropdown background and disabled colors in dark themes
  • Skeleton color tokens to work in all themes
  • Theme $highlight token in dark themes
  • Theme $hover-primary-text token in dark themes
  • Theme $hover-ui token in g90 theme


  • Emit custom properties for @carbon/themes color tokens

Icon updates

Bug fixes 🐛

  • battery—low.svg
  • ibm-security.svg
  • logo—slack.svg
  • logout.svg
  • mobile—add.svg
  • mobile—check.svg
  • mobile—download.svg
  • mobile.svg
  • popup.svg
  • text—strikethrough.svg
  • mammogram.svg

Enhancements 🛠

  • Bespoke icons added at the following sizes: 20/time.svg
  • @carbon/icons-react now supports an entrypoint index.js, you no longer are required to specify the path for an icon

New ✨

  • language.svg
  • laptop.svg
  • account.svg
  • branch.svg
  • enterprise.svg
  • fog.svg
  • help-desk.svg
  • no-image.svg
  • no-ticket.svg
  • pause—filled.svg
  • play—filled—alt.svg
  • service-desk.svg
  • skip—back—filled.svg
  • skip—forward—filled.svg
  • stop—filled—alt.svg
  • audio-console.svg
  • battery—empty.svg
  • battery—quarter.svg
  • carbon.svg
  • category—add.svg
  • category—and.svg
  • category—new-each.svg
  • category—new.svg
  • category.svg
  • concept.svg
  • fork.svg
  • hurricane.svg
  • mobile—landscape.svg
  • partly-cloudy.svg
  • sunny.svg
  • sunset.svg
  • tablet—landscape.svg
  • tablet.svg
  • term.svg
  • text-link—analysis.svg
  • text-link.svg
  • text-mining—applier.svg
  • text-mining.svg
  • tree-view—alt.svg
  • type-pattern.svg
  • types.svg

Removed ☠️

  • mammogram—stacked.svg

UI shell enhancements

New ✨

  • Guidance for UI Shell Navigation patterns
  • UI Shell Sketch template and symbols added to the Sketch kit.
  • Rail functionality for UI shell left panel.
  • Responsive behavior for the header with nav links.

Support and component enhancements

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Accessibility updates to Tooltips

    • Definition tooltip WCAG 2.1 compliance
    • Interactive tooltip html updates for a11y
  • Update toggle labels to be accessible

  • Accessibility updates for underlying Listbox

  • Data Table updates

    • data table merge sticky header style
    • apply persistent styles to data table
    • fix data table clear input button functionality
    • reset expand button height in short table
  • Accessibility updates for Overflow Menu

Enhancements 🛠

  • <Search> component light variant

New ✨

  • add icon-only button to React library
  • inline-notification action button with click handler

Design kit

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Icon button: added disabled state #121

  • Dropdown:

    • overrides enabled #125
    • drop-shadow background color fix (G90 and G100 theme) #127
  • Checkbox: missing indeterminate state (G90 and G100 theme) #128

  • Data table: Corrected pinning in icon symbols (G10 theme) #129

  • Overflow menu: duplicated symbols removed (G100 theme) #137

  • Skeleton states: updated to use new tokens #138

  • Tooltip: re-organized symbol structure #140

  • Pagination: updated symbol structure for standalone variation, add number states #130

Enhancements 🛠

  • Modal: added footer symbol and single action option #116

  • Progress indicator: added vertical variation #123

  • Color tokens: added #138

    • hover-selected-ui
    • skeleton-01
    • skeleton-02
    • inverse-support-01
    • inverse-support-02
    • inverse-support-03
    • inverse-support-04
  • Text style: added “body-short-02/text-03” #136

New ✨

  • UI Shell templates
  • UI Shell rail component


Following the Carbon v10 release, we restructured our repos and much of the Carbon site. Older links may not work.

March 2019: v10 release

Carbon v10 is released. The Carbon Design System adopts the new IBM Design Language.

February 2019

The Carbon v10 launch is just around the corner, and we’ve officially entered Beta! That means the core team has been hard at work ensuring the new system is ready to ship. We have tons of improvements headed your way, including implementation of the new IBM Design Language and an all-new website.

We expect v10 to launch mid-March, so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re interested in getting started before our public launch, we’re always looking for beta testers to help us squash bugs and improve the Carbon Design System.

October 2018


A new Experimental section has been added to the website. Experimental components, designs, patterns, and other resources are work that is still under development.

Experimental components, designs, and other resources are presented for testing and feedback. They are not intended for production use.

June 2018: V9 Release


  • Add-ons section has been removed. There is an Add-ons page that now lives under the Getting Started section
  • The Contributing page has been moved from the Guidelines to the Getting Started section
  • Data Visualization has moved from under the components section into its own section



Updates (Visual & Interaction)


Go check out the Swatches page to see the new color options and updates.

  • Colors have been updated to make them more accessible— changing hex values and roles for some of the swatches
  • The new, updated palette is available with Design Kit
  • The changes include (bold indicates a new color token)
  • $ui-05 – #5A6872 (passing 4.5:1, high contrast border, secondary icons)
  • $ui-04 – #8897A2 (passing 3:1, now used for emphasis borders)
  • $ui-03 – #DFE3E6 (not passing 3:1, now used for subtle borders)
  • $support-01 – #E0182D (passing 4.5:1)
  • $support-01 – #CDD1D4 (not passing 4,5:1, used only for placeholder text)
  • $field-01 – #F4F7FB (input field background on $ui-01)
  • $field-02 – #FFFFFF (input field background on $ui-02)
  • $inverse-02 – #272d33 (passing 4,5:1)

There are four new hover tokens added to the Carbon palette. They can now be found on the Swatches page and are available in the Design Kit and palette plugin

  • $hover-primary – #30588c
  • $hover-primary-text – #294c86
  • $hover-row – #5596e6 at 10% opacity
  • $hover-secondary – #3d70b2
  • $hover-danger – #bd1427


  • Check out the Iconography page to see the new icon style
  • All Icons are now 16x16px (24x24px is no longer being supported).
  • The --glyph modifier has been deprecated. Most of the glyph variations were replaced with a --solid modifier. Check out the icon migration docs to see the status of all the icons.

Design Kit

  • Download the latest version of the Carbon Design Kit & Library
  • Components on the Component page are now split up into five different artboards: Controls, Content, Navigation, Inputs, and Data Tables
  • Library has been made more flexible and customizable
  • Kit and library have been updated with the new colors, components, and icon styles.

May 2018


There is a new section called Utilities which gives guidance on common pattern handlings. Unlike the component section, these guidelines offer usage guidance with minimal code documentation. To read more about each of these utilities see the sections below:


The Themes page has been moved to the Style section.

March 2018


Systematic spacing

We have tokenized our spacing and now offer two systemized scales. The Spacing Scale defines space within a component while the Layout Scale is used to help position elements on a page. Check out the new Spacing section to learn more about these scales and read the rest of the spacing guidelines.

Design Kit

Sketch Libraries

We have recorded a Carbon Design Kit with Sketch Libraries Tutorial over on our YouTube channel. It goes over how to download the Carbon Sketch Kit, import a Sketch Library, as well as how to get and accept library updates/notifications. It also gives a brief overview of how the Library is organized and how to use the overrides panel and library symbols.

February 2018

Design Kit

Sketch Libraries

The Carbon Design Kit now includes Sketch Libraries, a better way to share and version symbols across Sketch files. Check out our Sketch Libraries wiki to get a quick tutorial on libraries.

sketch libraries in the carbon design kit

Sketch libraries in the Carbon design kit.

Sketch Plugins

With the latest release of the Design Kit, we’ve included the Sketch Palettes plugin, which allows you to load in pre-saved palettes for Sketch. You can import Carbon’s four color palettes (Carbon default theme, Data Vis primary, Data Vis secondary, and Data Vis tertiary) into your working Sketch document. There’s also a variety of other plugins we recommend to help improve your workflow using Sketch.

Download the latest kit today! Carbon design kit.

Sketch Palettes plugin

Sketch palettes plugin.

Carbon Sessions

Interested in getting some 1:1 time with the Carbon team? Carbon Sessions is a chance for anyone using the Carbon Design System to ask questions and get feedback. Sessions happen very Wednesday morning (Central Standard Time). Time slots are around 10 minutes, but feel free to book more than one if you need additional time.

Sign up for a Carbon Sessions time slot if you’re interested in chatting further!

January 2018


We’re excited to bring some added functionality that enhances our Dropdown component. Filtering, Multi-select, and Inline Dropdown are new additions to our basic Dropdown component.

Note: This component is currently only available in React.

example of Dropdown with Multi-Select

Example of a dropdown with multi-select.

Small Toggle

Small Toggle is a style variation of our traditional Toggle component. It’s more compact in size, which allows them to be used in Data Tables or inline with Form elements.

example of Small toggle

Example of small toggle.

Data Vis: Bar Graph

Bar Graph is the newest addition to our Data Visualization collection. It comes in two variations: Bar Graph and Grouped Bar Graph. You can use this component to represent quantitative information, such as comparing the taco sales between Austin taco shops in the month of June.

Read more about the usage of Bar Graph, or check out our CodePen to view the live demo.

Bar Graph example

Data Vis: Tooltip

We have created several Data Visualization Tooltip variations to show the value for a specific data point or increment range. Tooltips appear on hover above or below a data representation, depending on the use case.

Read more about the usage of Data Vis Tooltips, or check out our CodePen to view the live demo.

small tooltip in a bar graph

Small tooltip used within a bar graph.