This is the roadmap for the Carbon Design System, based on our planned design and development path. It is a list of our priorities in various broad initiative areas.



This plan captures our work for our October 2019 release.

  • September 2nd, 2019: Start release cycle
  • October 4th, 2019: Code freeze for the endgame
  • October 7th-11th, 2019: Release Candidate cuts and smoke tests
  • October 15th, 2019: Release/Endgame done

Community contribution

Primary goals

  • Hold a contribution summit (late September)
  • Get alignment, validation and technical point of view for our proposed contribution model
  • Operational Contributor License Agreement (CLA)) needs to go up on the site

Deferred goals

  • High fidelity designs for community contribution experience on Carbon site


Primary goals

  • Clear high and medium priority issues in accessibility project backlog
  • Provide general accessibility team advocacy and training throughout the project

Stretch goals

  • Per component accessibility documentation
  • Create a system to track/monitor turnaround time on a11y issues


Primary goals

  • Create a native, client-side search for our Gatsby theme
  • Improve our website table component
  • Vertical rhythm and spacing normalization in our theme
  • Improve our video component accessibility

Stretch goals

  • Create gated/protected paths for private data
  • Enhance our image gallery #237


Primary goals

  • Content website content audit and strategy
  • Comparative usage guidance audits
  • Triage Patterns by quality and importance #189
  • Patterns status overview (cupcake version)
  • Get Cloud Integrations Patterns up on site #87
  • Get Axure tool page up on site
  • Reorganize and skin the grid demo and incorporate layout guidance
  • Explore theme / variant switcher component display window
  • Add Charts pages #208 #239

Stretch goals

  • Replace CarbonDocs with markdown/mdx
  • Add Elements docs on website
  • Add Sass docs on website
  • MVP of integrated component page
  • Wires and prototyping tertiary / on-page nav for Carbon site to better accommodate contribution vs. placing everything in ‘Experimental’

Deferred goals

  • Use React instead of Vanilla in code examples
  • Production guidelines to accompany mdx guidance


Primary goals

  • Shipping color palette V2 #3904
  • IDL kit
    • Completion / clean-up of any bugs from plugin
    • Add pictograms when ready from dev
  • Carbon kit get library swap from the new IDL and library kits


Primary goals

  • Determine priority of feature enhancements


This roadmap is not a delivery commitment and is subject to change based on user needs and feedback.

Last updated 9/10/2019