Known bugs and issues

Here are the most significant known bugs and issues in Carbon v10. The Carbon team is working to resolve these.

We also welcome and encourage pull requests. If you find and issue and fix it, we’ll be delighted to welcome you as a Carbon contributor!

  • The toolbar on the Data Table component is not working [#1303]
  • There is a text alignment issue on data table when using different cell sizes [#1303]
  • The React version of Combobox is not working [#2158]
  • The React version of MultiSelect has a styling issue which impacts functionality [#2090]
  • There is a styling issue with validation errors on form elements, where the error message overlays the label of a neighboring element
  • There is a styling issue with code snippet where the x-axis scrollbar is visible if an external mouse is attached to a device [#2305]
  • There are styling issues with several skeleton state components (Progress bar, search, slider, tag, text area, text input, toggle, accordion)
  • There is an issue with the Search component in the React storybook (but only in the storybook)

Post-release updates

Our Github repositories each have a v10-update milestone, which includes all issues we consider most urgent.

If you use Zenhub, you can see all those issues on a single v10-update milestone board.