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Patterns are best practice solutions for how a user achieves a goal. They show reusable combinations of components and templates that address common user objectives with sequences and flows.

First steps to contributing

If you’ve designed a pattern that is not currently in Carbon, contributing it back allows others in the community to refine and use your pattern in their projects.

Start by opening a Github issue. Include a detailed description in which you:

  • Define your pattern and explain the rationale
  • Include mockups and/or prototypes of any fidelity
  • Clarify whether it uses existing components, new components, or both
  • Include competitive and comparative analysis, and any inspirations from other products

This issue will be the staging ground for the pattern contribution, and you should expect the Carbon core team and the community to weigh in with suggestions.

We encourage you to surface work in progress. If you’re not able to complete all of the parts yourself, someone in the community may be able to help.

How to write a pattern

We’ve created guidelines to help you prepare a complete and comprehensive pattern. These guidelines and the required structure are included in the Markdown template below.

Depending on the pattern, you may need to adjust the structure but your pattern should cover all of the topics outlined here.

## Overview
This section answers the question: “What problem does this pattern solve?”
- Define the use of your pattern and what it does.
- Explain a user’s needs and how the pattern meets those needs.
### Anatomy