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The Carbon team

Carbon supports its users with a dedicated team of designers, developers, and writers working closely to support teams across the business to be productive and successful in designing digital experiences and products.

The people

Mike Abbink
IBM Distinguished Designer
Mike Abbink headshot
John Bister
Motion Designer
John Bister headshot
Josh Black
Software Developer, Technical Lead
Josh Black headshot
Matt Brothers
Front-end Developer
Matt Brothers headshot
Robin Cannon
Program Director
Robin Cannon headshot
Andrea Cardona
Front-end Developer
Andrea Cardona headshot
Jan Child
Content Design Lead
Jan Child headshot
Alessandra Davila
Front-end Developer
Alessandra Davila headshot
TJ Egan
Front-end Developer
TJ Egan headshot
Anna Gonzales
Senior Visual Designer
Anna Gonzales headshot
Ricardo Henriquez
Front-end Developer
Ricardo Henriquez headshot
Jillian Howarth
UX Designer
Jillian Howarth headshot
Alison Joseph
Development Manager
Alison Joseph headshot
D.A. Kahn
Front-end Developer, Accessibility Advocate
DA Kahn headshot
Josefina Mancilla
Front-end Developer
Josefina Mancilla headshot
Rafa Nogueras
Senior Software Developer
Rafa Nogueras headshot
Vince Picone
Software Developer
Vince Picone headshot
Lauren Rice
Visual Designer
Lauren Rice headshot
Matt Rosno
Offering Manager
Matt Rosno headshot
Jeannie Servaas
IBM Design Principal
Jeannie Servaas headshot
Scott Strubberg
Front-end Developer
Scott Strubberg headshot
Andrew Wang
Software Developer
Andrew Wang headshot